Daichi Buffet Tokyo

Daichi Buffet Tokyo

Organic vegetables and seasonal delicious ♪ Japanese the center and the healthy meals Zurari! Also all-you-can-eat Suites ★ Color rich and friendly natural food menu in the body how about 100 species! Fresh salad bar is also available where you can enjoy the fresh vegetables collected from all over the country. Plum wine you ordered from a nationwide, health concierge was aligned the 100 species carefully selected. Unlimited women happy healthy sum Suites also eat when you pay in log coupons eat if enhancement ♪ now! ■ fresh vegetables you have ordered from all over the country

Địa chỉ: Tokyo Taito Ueno 1-20-11 Suzunoya building 4F Ueno Kuromon redolent not shop in the villa

Giới thiệu

Dinner buffet (Viking) charge (120 minutes)

※ The photograph is an example. 
☆ healthy diet buffet 
☆ seasonal vegetables 
☆ daily iron plate cuisine 
☆ Good 100% beans of coffee and fruit juice juice 
☆ plum wine 100 election above all-you-can-eat-all-you-can-drink! Dinner buffet (Viking) Prices - adult (soft drink plan)] 2900 yen dinner buffet (Viking) Prices - less than 20 years of age] 2900 yen dinner buffet (Viking) Prices - elementary school] 1,500 yen dinner buffet (Viking) Rates [less than elementary school 4 years of age or older] ¥ 800 dinner buffet (Viking) [less than 3 years old] free of charge

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